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Review of the UK TAROT CONFERENCE 2007
20th October 2007, Thistle Hotel, Westminster

On the 20th October Psychic Cafe presented its 4th UK Tarot Conference which took place at the Thistle Hotel, Westminster, London. It is a perfect location, minutes walk from Victoria Station and a perfect back drop for the worlds top Tarot experts and followers from all walks of life to come together.

Mark McElroy & Eric ThorelOur Friday 19th October evening event was hosted by Mark McElroy, Mark is such a joy, so engaging and enthusiastic, makes the most difficult ideas seem so very simple. We looked at the ‘spooky cards’ (the Tower, Death, you know, those cards which can make a client gasp). Mark put such a clever spin on these cards, he had us in stitches. This was followed by interpreting dreams through tarot, I am sure Freud would have had a field day!!

The UK Tarot Conference is designed to attract and educate people who love tarot whatever level they are at. The day drifts from easy to follow to much deeper aspects of the tarot. We started the day with founder Kim Arnold opening the Welcome session by asking everyone to do a short 3 or 4 card spread for the person next to them and take notes, this was to be revisited at the end of the day to see how the reading had improved or changed after incorporating the new techniques learnt. This was followed by Mark McElroy’s session called ‘Test the Tarot’. I never knew with a yes/no answer, an uneven number pointed to a no and an even a yes!! But again seeing Tarot through someone else’s eyes does enhance your readings no end.

Half the room, so many people could not fit them all in one take!!After a coffee break Geraldine Beskin from Atlantis Books, started a interesting talk about Aleister Crowley, Geraldine is a real knowledge on this subject, I got a bit lost when we went in to the Kabbalah which of course is quite difficult to explain in a one hour slot, but well done Geraldine, the hand outs were also very helpful.

The last short session before lunch was with Riccardo Minetti, Chief Editor of Lo Scarabeo, who kindly contributed a beautiful pack of limited edition cards for everyone attending. Riccardo told us a little about the work at Lo Scarabeo and that just two days before had celebrated their 20th anniversary.

And the other half!During the lunch break Suzanne Corbie hosted a ‘Cosmic Ordering through the Tarot’ session, this was meant for just 12 people but had 20 people crammed around the table, I have done this workshop with Suzanne in the past and know it is a very powerful way of work with this method.Miranda Gray kicked off the afternoon with a session called ‘Healing the Shadow’. Miranda is so eloquent when she speaks, and explained the spread we were about to do in fine details. The spread itself pulled up some very interesting and surprising answers for many of our attendees, (Including me), this I feel was a very personal reading, and certainly has given me and others food for thought.

Kim Arnold & Geraldine clearing up at the end of the day, slightly tired and jaded!!After revisiting our readings of the morning, David Goddard completed the day with two powerful Tarot meditations, the first based on the card of the Fool the second, the Lovers, I felt quite unsteady on my feet when I had to stand up and close the day!

Once again the Tarot Conference was a huge success, confirmed by the testimonials pouring in, well done to all the fabulous speakers and the brilliant attendees, all so very passionate about tarot and prepared to invest in improving themselves by attending events such as this.

Thank you to everyone who made this a very special day. 2008 conference is in the diary for 18th October somewhere in central London, will keep you posted!!


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