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Review of the UK TAROT CONFERENCE 2009
16th & 17th October 2009, London

The 6th UK Tarot Conference took place over the weekend of the 16th and 17th October. This year we had to close the bookings at the beginning of October as we were full.

Friday evening’s subject was ‘Tarot and Magic’ with Corrine Kenner and Linda Hare. After hours of preparation making the room look beautiful, equipment tried and tested we were ready to go. After a short introduction a round of applause echoed the room as Corrine took her place centre stage. Corrine began by telling us a little of her background and how she use to live in a place called Devil’s Lake …. drip ….. a drop of water came through the ceiling, she continued until suddenly a deluge of water poured through the chandelier, you have never seen us move so fast, moving the electrical equipment out the firing line and me legging it faster than Seb Coe to reception screaming “water” like a mad woman’. After what seemed like ages the water was turned off in the room above our conference. Organised chaos echoed around the room, ‘what are we going to do’ everyone asked, “right, everyone get up move your chairs to the back of your tables and face the other way”. True British reserve and calm took over as everyone duly did as they were told and the evening continued. Corrine’s talk on her Wizards Tarot was fantastic, we were treated to a world exclusive preview of the full deck and were able to interact with an exercise using a couple of cards from the Wizards Tarot. I have no doubt that this is going to be a very popular deck, it really is stunning. An initiation was led by Corrine, and the problems of the previous hour seemed long forgotten. Our next speaker Linda Hare (Rowan) shared with us how to create spells with Tarot, Linda is a captivating speaker, knowledgeable about the tarot and as a practising witch, her understanding of the craft is literally spellbinding. Before finishing, we allocated time for Teressena and Martien Bakens to talk about their new deck, The Fifth Tarot, a deck with a fifth suit called the ‘ether’. Teressena and Martien had a stand at the conference displaying the deck and doing readings. They explained how the deck came about and are currently in the UK promoting the Fifth Tarot. The evening finished with plenty of wine and nibbles, and for the first time we introduced an auction, ran by the very capable Geraldine from Atlantis Bookshop, the commission from the auction plus donations raised £200 for St Mungo’s, a home for the homeless in London. After such a shaky start the evening event was brilliant, happy faces, happy people, a truly delightful event.


Saturday morning started with a talk by Liz Dean who took us through the history of the tarot, a brief but interesting insight into the many theories as to where the tarot came from. When Liz finished, a short session hosted by myself, using the Magician as the significator, then pulling two more cards. The idea of this exercise is that you do not necessarily look at the Magician but tune into what is going on around him, then connect it with the other two cards. This ended up being a far deeper reading than most expected as many got more from looking beyond the main image than they thought.

After coffee, Corrine Kenner hosted her session “Living Celtic Cross”. Questions were asked, everyone randomly picked a card, then the Celtic Cross was made up of people. Everyone loved the interaction and this will certainly be an exercise to use in our own groups.

Lunch time saw our Table Top Tarot sessions with Emily Carding, Kay Stopforth and Mary Collin. These sessions were all full and extremely successful.

Our first afternoon workshop was run by an energetic Richard Abbot, “What and where is the inner world”? Using the Sun card, Richard led us on a journey inside the card, then discussed what we felt/saw. Richard explained that this exercise could be done with any card in the pack, a great way to be quiet, focused and to work deep within the card.

Our closing session was with Caitlin Matthews, ’Hunting the Lady’ some were a little confused with the instructions of this session, but as we got deeper in to the readings, it started to make sense, this reading enabled us to look deeper in the meaning of the querent’s issue, handout accompanied this workshop to help us improve the skill after the event. To round off the day, Emily Carding took us on a guided meditation with her singing bowl.

In the next room throughout the day Suzanne Corbie ran the beginners class, an intensive, full and interactive workshop, the feedback on the beginners class has been wonderful, a great introduction to the cards.

A final end of day photo with our wonderful speakers, and for another year we went our separate ways full of new ideas, new friends and buzzing with tarot energy!

The merchandise stand was hosted by Geraldine from Atlantis Book shop in Museum Street London. Atlantis have an extensive range of tarot, if you are in London do go and visit. This was altogether a fascinating weekend with the most interesting and valuable opportunities for learning available to those who were starting out on their journey of discovery into the tarot and for those of us who after many years, just wanted to know more. 2010 is already in the diary, hope to see you there! I can’t wait!

Kim Arnold

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