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Tarot Masters


This book commemorates the 10th anniversary of the UK Tarot Conference.

Thirty-eight past conference speakers share their insights into cards
of the Major Arcana, and talk about the profound impact Tarot has had
on their lives.

Kim Arnold
Ina Cüsters-van Bergen
Mary K Greer
Caitlín Matthews
John Matthews
Mark Ryan
Jane Lyle
Richard Abbot
Geraldine Beskin
Alfred Douglas
Rachel Pollack
Alison Cross
Linda Hare
Lyn Howarth-Olds
Juliet Sharman Burke
Carrie Paris
Corrine Kenner
Cilla Conway
Sasha Fenton
Mark McElroy
Riccardo Minetti
Ciro Marchetti
Adele Nozedar
Naomi Ozaniec
Liza Tenzin-Dolma
Adam Fronteras
Tiffany Crosara
Philip Carr-Gomm
Liz Dean
Laurent Langlais
Trudy Ashplant
Diane Ebeck
Paul Hughes-Barlow
Chloe McCracken
Suzanne Corbie
Jane Struthers
Major Tom Schick
Melanie Young



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